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Panhandle Veterinary Services Gallery
Treatment area
Surgery suite
Large animal surgery area
Large animal surgery area
Cattle chute and corals
The doctors
Another success... Dr. Leger and the newly delivered calf
Dr. Leger riding a steer
Drs Anderson and Graham during Embryo Flush
Dr. Anderson starting ACL repair
Dr. Lindholm assisting Dr. Anderson during ACL repair
The trouble we get into....
Dr. Graham floating teeth
A new baby...
Dr. Anderson repairing a hernia
Dr. Lindholm floating teeth
A special patient
Equine educational meeting
Not your usual pet
The  trouble we get into
Drs. Graham and George performing emergency C-section
Successful C-section delivery of 13 healthy pups!
I'll get my own cookies then....
Merry Christmas!
Maybe they won't see me...
Not much bigger than a cookie jar!
Natasha before her surgery
Successful pyometra surgery
KE Fracture repair
Little Cass while being treated for parvo... doing well!
Little puppy after successful blood transfusion
Little pup after blood transfusion for hook worm anemia
Casey with an injured fox
This mini donkey foal came and saw Dr. Graham at the clinic
Small mass on the cornea of this cats eye
Colter loving on this calf after a dystocia
Lucy after a near fatal dog attack
Lucy feeling much better
Preparing for a C-section
Dr. Alford smiling after successful C-section delivery of this pretty calf
Dr. Anderson during cryptorchid castration of this equine patient
Equine cryptorchid surgery
Dr. Graham and a new baby...
Dr. Graham loves the little foals
Dr. Leger meeting this little raccoon at the clinic
A bearded dragon about to be examined
Garret and Dr. Lindholm delivered this pretty baby late one night..
Dr. Lindholm assisting Dr. Anderson with a snake laceration repair
Dr. Leger during goat procedure
KE Repair of this poor goats broken jaw... doing well now
Dr. Lindholm prior to castration of this little guy
One of our clients rare Zorses
Steve during exam of this avian patient
This poor guy after being bit in the face by a moccasin.. after extensive recovery he is now back to normal
This little piggy came to see us, cuteness all around