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Kim George, DVM
About Panhandle Veterinary Services
Founded in 1976, Panhandle Veterinary Services is a five doctor mixed animal practice located in Chipley Florida. 

Graduates of either the University of Florida  or Auburn College of Veterinary Medicine, our doctors have extensive experience in both small and large animal  medicine and surgery.  

Members of the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA), Florida Veterinary Medical Association (FVMA), Southeast Alabama Veterinary Medical Association (ALVMA),  American Association of Bovine Practitioners (AABP), Society for  Theriogenology (SFT)

  • Dr. George is a 1983 graduate of UF.  He is the senior practice owner, and has extensive experience with small and large animals.  Area of special interest in general medicine and surgery, equine reproduction and lameness.
Todd Anderson, DVM, DACT
  • Dr. Anderson is a 1994 graduate of UF.  He is the junior practice owner, and has extensive large and small animal experience. He has a special interest in reproduction and surgery, and recently became board certified by the American College o f Theriogenology (animal reproduction). He is a former board member of the Society for Theriogenology.          
Ann Lindholm, DVM
  • Dr. Lindholm is a 2006 graduate of UF.  She is a practice associate with a special interest in bovine and small ruminant medicine, as well as wild life and exotics.

Sherie Graham, DVM
  • Dr. Graham is a 2011 graduate of UF.  She  is a practice associate with a special interest in small animal internal medicine, cardiology, and equine lameness.
Lauren Leger, DVM
  • Dr. Leger is a 2016 graduate of Auburn University.  After graduation she completed a one year intensive equine internship at Eglin Veterinary Hospital in Texas. She  is a practice associate with a special interest in equine internal  medicine and neonatal care, emergency  medicine,                         and small ruminant herd          management.